Love? The Brown Eyed Girls Say... Maybe After 5 Years

They're the hottest Korean girl group at the moment, but love isn't steaming up for the Brown Eyed Girls, at least not till half a decade into the future, so say the quartet.

Being at the peak of their careers right now, Jea, Narsha, Ga-in, and Miryo all say they "still have a lot to do" and might only think about love "5 years later." Narsha, whom reports once said that she would hook up with a boyfriend this year, clarified the reports, saying that her "work is more important" and prefers to "leave things up to fate."

The group performed at Sundown "Live" party in Zouk last Saturday, but a lost baggage (Jea's) and a delayed flight nearly put a dent in their schedule. Impeccably dressed to the nines with platform heels and fashionable frocks, the girls were visibly tired and worn from the jetlag.

Life wasn't as hectic when the quartet made a lacklustre debut in 2006 as your average cookie-cutter teenyboppers. They finally had their big break last year in an impressive comeback with their new sexy and edgy makeovers with Sound G, their third album.

The overhaul worked and they were praised for their new provocative style, though the ladies admitted to initially having a hard time adjusting to their new femme fatale image.

"Before the image change, ours was a very cute style. It is totally different now. After we changed, people say things like, 'You are very sexy'. We found it weird and hard to accept initially," confessed Jea, the group's leader.

Today, the four beauties are "pleased and flattered as women" to be complimented on their "sexy image". Miryo, the rapper in the group, even jested about making a 180-degree change from sexy to "feminine and girlish" for their next album.

Though they are enjoying a wave of popularity, the girls admit to experiencing the downside of fame.
Due to her young, starry ambitions of becoming a singer, Miryo "only attended six months of high school" and "did not have a student life as all others did" as she had to "start training to become a singer."

Agreeing with her bandmate, Narsha found it "a pity and sometimes sad" to "lose contact with close friends."
"It is a totally different lifestyle as a celebrity. Even for family members, it is sometimes difficult to meet them," she frankly admitted.

Having risen from obscurity to fame, we asked the girls what sort of challenges they wish to overcome in future. Their replies seem to resonate with their dream jobs if they weren't singers.

Fashionista wannabe Jea would like to be a "fashion designer" whereas Narsha, a common fixture on Korean variety programmes these days, positively chirped "Programme emcee."

Miryo is eager to show "my true self by appearing on variety programmes," and Ga-in, the maknae or youngest of the group at 22 (the rest are 28) would like to get back to her books and return to being "just an ordinary student."

With both fans and the media eagerly anticipating their next transformation with bated breaths, the girls divulged a little and only revealed that things are still in the works. Quipped Miryo, "We are now looking out for new songs for the new album. We hope to bring it back to Singapore when it is done.