Narsha leaves Brown Eyed Girls in the dust

Narsha's honesty strikes again!

On the latest episode of Star Golden Bell, the lovable Narsha teased the other members of the Brown Eyed Girls.

Apparently, Narsha was chosen for a solo CF, so when the MCs asked her why she thought she was chosen out of all of the members, Narsha replied, “I believe I was selected because I’m honest and I matched well with the brand/product.”

Narsha then left a video message for the rest of her members, “To my beloved members. I guess I’m the trend. If you are patient though, an opportunity will come to you as well.”

The episode will air on the 20th.

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BEG Sings 'You Raise Me Up' For Haiti

Jo Kwon & Ga-In spotted in Hong Kong

Lucky fans in Hong Kong caught our favorite on-screen couple celebrating their Lunar New Year holidays in Hong Kong! On February 15, they were spotted in Tsim Sha Tsui, well-known to the tourists. Fans on soompi forum also reported fan accounts of spotting the pair at the TVB parade.

A Chinese KPOP news site has gathered the video clips & photos from the ninja fans in Hong Kong. Kudos to them!

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Brown Eyed Girls Dial-Tones for Singtel Customers

As one of the guys presenting to all fans the upcoming event, Singtel is giving out free tickets to the Live Party at Zouk for Singtel users who sign up for the Colour-Me-Tones service by 26 Feb! So now fanboys & fangirls can have their favorite Brown Eyed Girls song (5 to choose from) as their dial-tone. View above image for more details.

Ga In & Kwon finally kiss on WGM?

Jo Kwon had requested for Ga-In to make a guest appearance in the music video via the kissing scene, and after a little bit of persuasion, she finally agreed to do it. As expected, the couple had many bouts of giggles and NGs while filming the kissing scene. Actually, it’s quite hard to watch the clip and not find yourself smiling and giggling along with them.

Right when the mood finally sets in and that they were going to actually kiss, Jo Kwon whispered to Ga-In that it was all just a joke. He had planned this beforehand with his members and the production staff in order to play a prank on his wife. There was never supposed to be a kissing scene, and that’s why you did not see it in the actual music video.

The furious Ga-In chased Jo Kwon around the set with a broom, and the way he handled the situation was my favorite part. He just took her by the arms, pinned her to the wall and proceeded with an encore performance of the kissing scene. Within ten seconds, the situation went from Ga-In chasing Jo Kwon with a broom to Ga-In walking gleefully while holding his hand. Many viewers have commented positively at just how suave and cute Jo Kwon was during that scene.

LOL well done Jo Kwon!

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Live Party DVD to be on sale?

Saw this in Citylink HMV earlier..
So can we expect a DVD for the Live Party?

Untouchable feat.BEG Narsha ‘Living In The Heart’ MV revealed!

Untouchable comeback song which featured BEG Narsha titled ‘Living In The Heart!’ MV revealed!
Narsha isn’t featured in the MV, yet, we can still listen to her sweet voice in the song.


Brown Eyed Girls Win Bonsang at 19th Seoul Music Awards!

As stated in the title. Congrats to our beloved Brown Eyed Girls!


And finally, a Youtube clip for the performance!

Presale tickets for BEG's Live Party at Zouk this weekend!

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On the event day itself (27th Feb), tickets will be selling at $118 at the door.

Do take note that the minimum entry age is 16 by year.

If you have heard about the pre-sale through Singapore Fan Club, don't worry if you haven't sign up for that. You are still able to purchase the tickets this weekend at Zouk.

Narsha has many things to say in the next episode of Strong Heart

On the upcoming episode of SBS Strong Heart, Narsha lets the cat out of the bag again! She reveals that everything on her profile except her name is a lie. But we all know that Narsha isn't her real name either. Oh well!

But there're more to it! When After School's UEE talks about her group being labelled as scary unnies among other girl groups, Narsha explained why the label that will all be revealed in the next episode of SBS Strong Heart.

Brown Eyed Girls Endorsement Pictures for Casual Jeans Brand "GET USED"

The Brown Eyed Girls are back with casual jeans brand GET USED.

The sizzling hip swayers showed off their curvy figures and sexy charisma in these shots.

A GET USED rep stated:

“GET USED always had a tough and manly brand image. In order to change this image, we contracted the Brown Eyed Girls to model for a year.”

They added:

“Using the Brown Eyed Girls as our motive, we created the ‘Bling Jean’, which we will reveal soon.”

GET USED will be holding promotions at their stores, where customers who purchase the ‘Bling Jean’ will also receive a BEG poster and CD.

These girls look absolutely fabulous in jeans – almost better than they do out of them.

SOURCE: allkpop

Narsha to be featured in Untouchable’s upcoming album

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha will be featured on hip-hop duo Untouchable’s second mini-album.

The collaborative song is reportedly titled Living in the Heart (가슴에 살아). Untouchable, composed of Sleepy and The Action, is making a comeback after an eight month absence. The two made their debut with their It’s Okay album in October 2008. Soon after, the duo received much praise and a loyal fan base after their hit songs It’s Okay, Tell Me Why, I’ll Give You Everything and Oh.

Narsha has definitely been focusing more on variety shows these days. She’s currently a hot icon in the k-pop scene after a successful summer hit with Abracadabra and a follow-up fall/winter comeback with Sign. She’s also a regular on KBS’s Invincible Youth, so fans are connected to a rather more personal side of her, just as they have with Ga-In on We Got Married. We don’t know when the Brown Eyed Girls will make their comeback so it’s nice to see Narsha return to her musical career with this collab.

Untouchable’s company said, “When we first heard the song, we all thought of Narsha. Though she’s very busy, she accepted the offer right away. This song is a great mixture of Untouchable’s rapping and Narsha’s vocals.”

No official date has been announced yet, so stay tuned for the release of the song!

SOURCE: allkpop