Brown Eyed Girls Endorsement Pictures for Casual Jeans Brand "GET USED"

The Brown Eyed Girls are back with casual jeans brand GET USED.

The sizzling hip swayers showed off their curvy figures and sexy charisma in these shots.

A GET USED rep stated:

“GET USED always had a tough and manly brand image. In order to change this image, we contracted the Brown Eyed Girls to model for a year.”

They added:

“Using the Brown Eyed Girls as our motive, we created the ‘Bling Jean’, which we will reveal soon.”

GET USED will be holding promotions at their stores, where customers who purchase the ‘Bling Jean’ will also receive a BEG poster and CD.

These girls look absolutely fabulous in jeans – almost better than they do out of them.

SOURCE: allkpop