Ga In & Kwon finally kiss on WGM?

Jo Kwon had requested for Ga-In to make a guest appearance in the music video via the kissing scene, and after a little bit of persuasion, she finally agreed to do it. As expected, the couple had many bouts of giggles and NGs while filming the kissing scene. Actually, it’s quite hard to watch the clip and not find yourself smiling and giggling along with them.

Right when the mood finally sets in and that they were going to actually kiss, Jo Kwon whispered to Ga-In that it was all just a joke. He had planned this beforehand with his members and the production staff in order to play a prank on his wife. There was never supposed to be a kissing scene, and that’s why you did not see it in the actual music video.

The furious Ga-In chased Jo Kwon around the set with a broom, and the way he handled the situation was my favorite part. He just took her by the arms, pinned her to the wall and proceeded with an encore performance of the kissing scene. Within ten seconds, the situation went from Ga-In chasing Jo Kwon with a broom to Ga-In walking gleefully while holding his hand. Many viewers have commented positively at just how suave and cute Jo Kwon was during that scene.

LOL well done Jo Kwon!

source: allkpop