More Ga-In and Jo Kwon

Are they dating or are they not dating. As much as these two would like to leave it ambiguous, it is becoming very much less so as the days go by. Nonetheless, an entertaining video featuring the two of them, and the very astonishing talent of JYP.

Unfortunately for him, depending on which angle you're looking from, he either happens to have a head shape that came straight out from Legoland, or he looks like he hasn't recovered from that toilet episode in the Wonder Girls' Nobody video.

Note: The video is not subbed but the best moments don't need it.


Narsha picks Donghae as her favorite male idol

On the upcoming episode of Star Golden Bell, there was a section where male idols picked their favourite female idol. The person who got the most votes was none other than Narsha. Singer Evan, who was on the show, said “She is very sexy on stage. I think Narsha is the trend these days.”

After picking Narsha as their favourite, everyone was wondering who her favourite male idol was. She picked Donghae, and said, “I saw a predebut video of him, and I was surprised by his good looks. I think he was more handsome back then.”

This episode will air on January 30th, 5:15PM KST.

SOURCE: allkpop

Ga-in injured her arms?

Recent fancam shows Ga In sporting a sling for an injury. Rumors say that she injured her hand during the filming for "Let's Go! Dream Team!". More rumors say a few fans saw the on-screen couple locking lips.

More News on Ticket Sales for the Zouk Live Party

(See previous post for more information on the Live Party)

Here's how you can get the tickets for the one & only chance to party with the Brown Eyed Girls!
Pre-sale tickets available at Zouk on 6-7 Feb from 11am - 3pm. CASH payment only.
Tickets available at all HMV stores (313 Somerset & Citylink) from 8th Feb onwards

Pictures of Singapore in JeA's Cyworld Updates!

JeA has created a folder on her cyworld named "Singapore" and uploaded pictures she took in Singapore. I hope she'd continue to upload more!

From the pictures above, doesn't it look like Clark Quay (stretch near Liang Court)?

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes for Narsha's Atree Shoot!

With the courtesy of fashion stylist Lia Choi, a bunch of exclusive clips, to the behind-the-scenes of the photoshoots for Narsha's Atree CF, have been posted up on Youtube.

Here're the clips in random order. I apologize if the page is a little long.

BEG Fan merchandise - TOWELS, FANS, CAPS

Hi fellow BEG sg fans!

We are looking into an opportunity to show the girls our support altogether by waving towels/fans and wearing caps of the same color scheme & design style together for a unified & bigger visual cheer. Like one of the mottos for our nation, Together, we make a difference! Let's leave a HUGE impression on the Brown Eyed Girls to remember us!

Fans would look roughly like those the girls used in the SIGN performances.

And towel would look similar to what Miryo used in Chocolate last year.

We are still in the midst of coming up with the designs, but we promise they will be great!

We do have a supplier in mine but we are still in negotiation with them. Hence, we would like to ask everyone a few questions to help us in negotiation & finalization of everything.

Don't worry, participating in the survey doesn't mean that you're confirmed on buying. We just wanna know how big the demand would be.

Thanks loads & please help spread the word!

Brown Eyed Girls to be Back in Singapore for Live Party!

It has been confirmed that the great guys from Red Spade Entertainment will, once again, bring Brown Eyed Girls back to Singapore. This time round, Brown Eyed Girls will be performing a full concert show (roughly 100 minutes) at Zouk. However, as it is a club after all, there is a minimum age limit of 16.

Ticket Sales
1) Pre-sale tickets available at Zouk on 6-7 Feb from 11am - 3pm. CASH payment only.
2) From 8th Feb to 26th Feb, tickets will be available at HMV 313 Somerset & HMV Citylink (Dates are subjected to changes)
3) On the event day itself (27th Feb), tickets will be selling at $118 at the door.

Date: 27 Feb 2010 (Sat)
Doors Opening At: 7pm
Venue: Zouk (17 Jiak Kim Street)
Price: S$98, S$118(Door) all inclusive of 2 drinks*
*Under 18 receives ONE soft drink

Do take note that the minimum entry age is 16 by year.

More information shall be posted as we receive them! Cheers!