BEG Fan merchandise - TOWELS, FANS, CAPS

Hi fellow BEG sg fans!

We are looking into an opportunity to show the girls our support altogether by waving towels/fans and wearing caps of the same color scheme & design style together for a unified & bigger visual cheer. Like one of the mottos for our nation, Together, we make a difference! Let's leave a HUGE impression on the Brown Eyed Girls to remember us!

Fans would look roughly like those the girls used in the SIGN performances.

And towel would look similar to what Miryo used in Chocolate last year.

We are still in the midst of coming up with the designs, but we promise they will be great!

We do have a supplier in mine but we are still in negotiation with them. Hence, we would like to ask everyone a few questions to help us in negotiation & finalization of everything.

Don't worry, participating in the survey doesn't mean that you're confirmed on buying. We just wanna know how big the demand would be.

Thanks loads & please help spread the word!